Transradio - AMARC conference coming soon

It has been 5 years since the European Parliament Resolution of 25 September 2008 on Community Media in Europe. AMARC Europe conference Transradio wants to map results and current situation of community radios in Europe. The 3rd conference of AMARC Europe will take place in Montpellier, France from 16th till 19th May 2013.

There are also imporant challenges of these days on the programm of the conference: digital switch over, pluralism, dialog with national regulation authorities, media literacy, copyrights, the development of the sector, the linkages with other social movements.

If you would like to join this event, please register here.
Full programme and agenda of the conference can be found here. will be represented by Henry Loeser and we will try to bring you some news. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

We are social innovation!

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If you believe in community media and their power to change society, create bridges, please vote for Roma Youth Radio project. Since 26th February till 25th March 2013 you can help us to win the Sozial Marie Audience Award.


Tübingen talks about training and media literacy

Experts on media education from nine European community radio stations and associations came together at Freies Radio Wüste Welle in Tübingen on February, 18th and 19th to talk about media and media literacy training. A fruitful and informative exchange on media training tools and approaches ensued and set the stage for a promising learning partnership in the coming 18 months…


From Rome about Roma

Racism and integration have one special target in Europe. As Alma, volunteer of Rete Near says in following interview, we should try to understand Roma people more. She claims that the misunderstanding is grounded in our low acceptance of their way of living.

Roma Youth Radio by RadioExpert

KFOK-LP Celebrates Anniversary

Radio KFOK-LP in Georgetown, California USA recently celebrated their 10th anniversary of serving the community of Georgetown and the Sierra Western Slope. Congratulations to the hard-working volunteers who make it happen. RadioExpert supports your community radio, and looks forward to another 10 years of great radio!

AMARC Conference on Community Radio in CEE - Budapest, Hungary November 12-13, 2012


Specific objectives

•    To gather experts from European Union countries and from non European Union countries  with the aim to share information and best practice in the areas of pluralism and participatory processes within media in different contexts and regions and their impact on non commercial radio broadcasters

RadioExpert Receives EU Training Grant

EU Project Funding Window

Europe for Citizens: Action 2 – Active Civil Society in Europe, Measure 3 – Support for projects initiated by Civil Society Organisations, Deadline: 01/02/2012


Successful CMFE Conference in Cyprus


RadioExpert gets European NGO status

RadioExpert has successfully received European NGO status and is registered in the Czech Republic with offices in Prague. We are excited about our continued development, and look forward to active involvement in European ICT4D initiatives.

IQ Roma Servis radio trainees launch their radio shows

The Roma Youth Radio project and IQ Roma Servis in Brno have launched their first radio programs with several young Roma girls at the microphone. After completing a brief training cirriculum with RadioExpert, the young moderators and their staff member from IQRS are entertaining radio listeners with a fun-filled show every thursday night.

Check out their show here