AMARC Asia Conference 2018

More than 200 participants from 20 countries are registered for the conference.

Some of the main topics of discussion 

  • Addressing migration and displacement with community radios

  • Struggle against rising radicalism & extremisms and community radios

  • Gender violence, violence against minorities, discrimination and community radio

  • Climate change, disaster risk reduction and community radios

  • Role of community radio associations and federations

  • Speaking against the widening social and economic inequality

  • Freedom of speech, communications rights and community radios

  • Media convergence and community broadcasting

  • Sustainable Development Goals and community radios

Shifting Winds Affect Small USA Public Broadcasters

Report on the status of public broadcasting in the United States reveals a decline in sustainability for small public TV and radio.


Video Training Workshop for Roma Youth in Czech Republic

RadioExpert & Roma Youth Radio Project recently organized a video skills workshop for Roma youth at the Roma Culture Museum in Brno, Czech Republic.

Community Media Europe Conference '14

Brno ‘13 community media conference is successfully behind us. More than 100 community media activists, academics, practitioners and regulators from all over the Europe met in Brno, Czech Republic to discuss this topic. Two days full of panels and workshops including the speech of UNESCO Chair for Community Media Prof. Vinod Pavarala brought a lot of new remarkable findings. If you are interested in to learn more, check the conference webpage, where we published photos and short takeaways from the panels.


RadioExpert receives Google Grant

In recognition for its important and successful support of community media worldwide, RadioExpert has received a generous grant from Google Inc. of Mountain View, California, USA. Google Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google's online advertising tool. Googlel Grants empowers nonprofit organizations, to promote their missions and initiatives on

When "Community" is more valuable than "Commercial" in the UK

Community and commercial radio stations in the United Kingdom have much in common. Amongst these similarities is the need to survive and prosper by selling advertising. Despite this fact UK community media operators should resist being covetous of the commercial advertising paradigm and remember the main difference in their mission - one is here to serve, the other to profit. This difference may in fact be their greatest advantage.

Another year of Roma Youth Radio

The school year is coming and it also means that Roma Youth Radio project continues in Brno. We are ready to make further steps to development of real radio at IQ Roma Servis. 


UNESCO Chair on Community Media

The conference organizers are excited to announce first keynote speaker of Brno ´13 Media Diversity for Democracy prof. Vinod Pavarala, UNESCO Chair on Community Media and social scientist from India.

Vinod P

Low Power FM stations are coming to urban America

A lot of new Low Power FM radio stations is going to start emerging from October in larger U.S. cities. The Federal Communications Commission will after a decade of studies and lobbying finally begin giving licenses to Low Power FM in urban areas. Applicants have to send their applications to the FCC between October 15 and October 29. LPFM was originally approved by Congress in 2001 only to rural areas because of concerns that these stations would interfere with full-power broadcasters in urban areas.

Illustrative photo, source: photo, source:

Strasbourg hosts The Council of Europe forum about democratic participation

“Re-wiring democracy - connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age” - this is the theme of a second World Forum for Democracy which will be organised by The Council of Europe and held in Strasbourg from 27-29 November 2013.

Political leaders, experts, journalists, youth and civil society representatives from all over the world are invited to discuss and learn about practical new measures to boost citizen participation in democratic life.

META Europe: Media competence training invites participants to Spain

University of Education Freiburg, Institute of Media in Education holds another of its series of european training courses focusing on media competence and new technology - META Europe: MEDIA TRAINING ACROSS EUROPE: Speaking out! - Media competence and cultural empowerment.

Brno '13 MEDIA DIVERSITY FOR DEMOCRACY - Call for presentations

Call for Presentations:

Community Media Forum Europe and AMARC Europe invite you to submit presentation proposals to join our conference "Brno '13 - MEDIA DIVERSITY FOR DEMOCRACY"

The event takes place 4-5 October, 2013 at Masaryk University in BrnoCzech Republic. We welcome presentations that address the themes of European community television and community radio in Central/Eastern Europe. 

Please email your proposals to

For more information about the event please visit the conference webpage.

What do German Media know about Community Media in CEE? Informs German Media about Community Media in CEE.
With an audience of German regulators and practitioners from commercial and public servicebroadcasters, Henry Loeser of presented an informative look at the foundations of community media, and the environment for community media in the Czech Republic.

Henry Loeser with Karin Martl and Gergely Gostonyi

General and laos-thai assembly

It is good to meet and over few types of curry talk about the vision and the way how to realize it. Members and collaborators of met in laos-thai restaurant in Brno, Czech republic to talk about the strategy and priorities for the year 2013.

Transradio - AMARC conference coming soon

It has been 5 years since the European Parliament Resolution of 25 September 2008 on Community Media in Europe. AMARC Europe conference Transradio wants to map results and current situation of community radios in Europe. The 3rd conference of AMARC Europe will take place in Montpellier, France from 16th till 19th May 2013.

There are also imporant challenges of these days on the programm of the conference: digital switch over, pluralism, dialog with national regulation authorities, media literacy, copyrights, the development of the sector, the linkages with other social movements.

If you would like to join this event, please register here.
Full programme and agenda of the conference can be found here. will be represented by Henry Loeser and we will try to bring you some news. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.