Another year of Roma Youth Radio

The school year is coming and it also means that Roma Youth Radio project continues in Brno. We are ready to make further steps to development of real radio at IQ Roma Servis. 


The most important part is the regular training. Every week we will meet with 3 - 6 kids around the age of 11-14 and teach them how to be DJs in a radio. How to search music, introduce it, make interviews with guests. Experience the real radio show. The recordings will be available at Mixcloud so the kids can share results of their work with their friends. 

Thanks to Vodafone Foundation we will be able to develop also the technical side of radio. Buying the cables will enable 24hours streaming inside the building of IQ Roma Servis which will include the recordings prepared by kids and teenagers. This DIY radio station will be opened to employees and clients of this NGO which works in socially excluded area in Brno, especially with Roma minority. 

Vodafone Foundation has supported us in the grant program targeted on young people “V Pohybu” (“In Motion”). The aim of this program is to fund original ideas which help development of community and are lead by young people. Additional emphasis is put on the usage of new technologies.

We will be really happy to share the progress with you, stay in touch with us.