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Council of Europe report on Community Media in Europe authored by Peter Lewis.

New York Times article on internet centers research projects in Africa by Chris Nicholson.



Airwaves manifesto from Radio Free Berkeley.

Bill Siemering writes about the sector's needs, challenges and successes in "What is Community Radio?".

Nicholas Negroponte leads One Laptop per Child organization and tells his incredible story.

Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), is a group of dedicated policy experts working to establish and enhance the societal environment for community media in Europe. They work closely with major institutions such as the European Union, Council of Europe and individual state governments.



53 ways for board members to raise $1,000 from NFCB in USA.

Community radio toolkit from Radio Regen in Manchester UK.

Developing Radio Partners guidebook on community radio sustainability.

UNESCO brochure on community media centres.

David Brewer on journalism practices for multiple platforms.

How to Make a Great Radio: An Illustrated Guide starring Ira Glass.

People & Organizations

The Alliance for Community Media USA is committed to assuring everyone's access to electronic media. The Alliance advances this goal through public education, a progressive legislative and regulatory agenda, coalition building and grassroots organizing.

The NCRF of South Africa is a national, membership-driven association of community radio stations and support service organizations. Members are independent non-profit CBOs - owned and run by diverse local communities who actively participate in the development of programming activities, for sustainable non-discriminatory local development.

Communication Initiative provides an excellent online newsletter on development communication issues, The Drum Beat.

Pete Tridish is among the most influential and effective voices for citizen's media access in the United States. Through his work as founder and director of Prometheus Radio he has revolutionized the process of starting a community radio.

Communication for Social Change Consortium seeks to increase the capacity of communication specialists, development workers, aid agencies, nonprofit organizations and communities to use communication for social change.

George Soros, the Hungarian/American philanthrapist is the pre-eminant financial supporter of independent media in Central/Eastern Europe. His various endeavours include Central European University and Open Society Institute.

Independent Journalism Foundation supports professional journalism training in Romania and Hungary. IJF has special programs for Roma journalists.

World Association of Community Radio brings together practitioners, advocates, researchers, and other stakeholders to promote and support the advancement of community radio worldwide. Director Steve Buckley is a veteran community media practitioner and advocate with extensive credentials in leading political discourse and policy initiatives.

The National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada provides developmental materials and networking services to support community-oriented radio in Canada and beyond.

UK-based RadioActive provides technical expertise and sourcing for equipment in a turnkey solution for groups wanting to build a community radio station. Max Greath and Mark Benewith, the founders, have participated in the start-up of radios all over the world.

International Center for Journalists is dedicated to improving the quality of journalism worldwide, especially in new democracies. ICFJ administers the Knight International Press Fellowships.