This page explains what RadioExpert´s agenda is.




RadioExpert is affiliated with a multi-faceted group of policy experts committed to the advancement of community media worldwide. Through these experts and also organizations such as the Community Media Forum for Europe CMFE and the World Association of Community Radios AMARC we engage stakeholders from government leaders on down in promoting the development of enbling environments for community media. Our commitment to networking across continents and sectors also serves to support community media and the people it serves. The radioexpert organization supports successful non-profit social entrepreneurship and responsibility.


RadioExpert is committed to the advancement of community media through research, and is currently involved in a primary university doctoral level research into the societal factors related to the development of community media in Europe and North America. In addition, through our participation in high level academic research projects such as the Community Broadcasting Research Project, we contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the sector.


Education is the lifeblood of stable, prosperous societies, and the development of young minds (and old ones too!) is very important for the future of community media. Over the last several years, we have conceptualized, developed, and implemented a community media course cirriculum at Masaryk University. The program includes teaching radio management, community radio, internet radio, and launching a new student community radio station Radio R. Also lectures in community media take place at Tallinn University, and presentations at events such as the EPRA meetings.


Helping to build and maintain effective, sustainable community radio enterprises is perhaps our greatest passion. Using a collaborative, grass-roots approach we work in partnership with all community stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to strengthen independent radio. We bring you expertise in feasibility analysis, planning and budgeting, operational systems, mangement, and revenue development. With emphasis on the organizational, economic and societal aspects of sustainability, radioexpert will help you construct a model of successful community media for years to come.


RadioExpert has a long and succesfull record of effective training ranging in scope from national radio associations, conferences, webinars, in-station programs, and others. We’ve conducted in trainings of over 1,000 people in more than 10 countries on 3 continents, such as the South Africa Community Radio Project, and the Europe Schools ON-AIR. We create specific training plans tailored to the needs of the local community, the local radio, and the radio team. The transfer of know-how and the mastery of basic skills are fundamental to our formula. We believe that through a long-term commitment to cooperation, we can build your success together.


The varied competencies of RadioExpert enable us to be a very effective project manager. Utilizing the skills and experience we’ve listed above, we’ve organized a number of community media projects on several continents, including the Community Media Centres Project, and in Europe the Roma Youth Media Project. These intitatives benefit and prosper from our research, advocacy, training, and consulting expertise. For a free consultation and analysis of your organization, or for more information on any of our intitiatives, contact us today!