From Rome about Roma

Racism and integration have one special target in Europe. As Alma, volunteer of Rete Near says in following interview, we should try to understand Roma people more. She claims that the misunderstanding is grounded in our low acceptance of their way of living.

Roma Youth Radio by RadioExpert

One of the suggestions for better understanding is providing Roma people with their own shows or media, where – as Alma notes - they say everything they want and can express their perceptions on everything.

The interview was recorded in Rome. Wher Henry Loeser, the director of RadioExpert attended a conference at the Law Faculty of Sapienza University during a cross visit sposored by Media against Racism Project (Council of Europe). Also on a cross visit were Hana Kakurova and Lucie Oračkova from Brno - who participate in the RadioExpert project Roma Youth Radio. They have their show called Cerchena (Star) on Radio R.