What do German Media know about Community Media in CEE?

RadioExpert.org Informs German Media about Community Media in CEE.
With an audience of German regulators and practitioners from commercial and public servicebroadcasters, Henry Loeser of RadioExpert.org presented an informative look at the foundations of community media, and the environment for community media in the Czech Republic.

Henry Loeser with Karin Martl and Gergely Gostonyi

As invited guests by commmunity Radio Corax of Halle, Germany he was joined on the panelby Karin Martl (former MEP from Austria) and Gergely Gostonyi (chief of the Hungarian Community Radio Federation), who shared their insights on the state of community media in Hungary and Europe.

The audience was especially keen to learn more about how community media develops, how it supports pluralismand democracy, and what are the prospects for development in the Czech Republic. Mr. Loeser shared his expertise and experience as an expert on media in the Czech Republic, and offered some scenarios by which a community broadcasting sector could in fact become a reality there.

In the picture from the left: Karen Kraml, Henry Loeser and Gergely Gostonyi.