Transradio - AMARC conference coming soon

It has been 5 years since the European Parliament Resolution of 25 September 2008 on Community Media in Europe. AMARC Europe conference Transradio wants to map results and current situation of community radios in Europe. The 3rd conference of AMARC Europe will take place in Montpellier, France from 16th till 19th May 2013.

There are also imporant challenges of these days on the programm of the conference: digital switch over, pluralism, dialog with national regulation authorities, media literacy, copyrights, the development of the sector, the linkages with other social movements.

If you would like to join this event, please register here.
Full programme and agenda of the conference can be found here. will be represented by Henry Loeser and we will try to bring you some news. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Text by AMARC Europe about the conference:

"Community radios are non-conventionally gendered. There is the need to adopt a new syntax in the communication rights discourse and with this Conference, we aim at breaking down all the binary logics in this field: new media vs old media, analogue vs digital, non profit vs profit, North vs South..

AMARC Europe works in conjunction with other movements, organizations, activists and its members in order to support self-determination and to challenge stereotypes, classism, sexism, racism and discriminations based on national origin or belief. Valuing the role of communication as a fundamental human right, AMARC Europe is acting on distinct and specific levels on different topics:  participatory democracy, public goods, access to communication technologies, respect and promotion of diversity, active citizenship.

In this transformation historical period, from Arabic spring to the European economical and financial crisis, community radios are playing a fundamental role in improving citizens access to information and providing the tools for a truly participatory democracy and active citizenship."