Tübingen talks about training and media literacy

Experts on media education from nine European community radio stations and associations came together at Freies Radio Wüste Welle in Tübingen on February, 18th and 19th to talk about media and media literacy training. A fruitful and informative exchange on media training tools and approaches ensued and set the stage for a promising learning partnership in the coming 18 months…


(We republish an exceprt from the original article about mobility meeting in Tübingen which can be found at official website of Understanding Media project.)

What is media literacy and in what way are it’s basic principles incorporated into the advancement work of German community radio stations in general and especially of Wüste Welle Tübingen? The meeting provided some input on theory and practice of media training and was designed to leave lots of room for discussion and exchange.

We like to think that this meeting set a great tone for the coming talks and conferences and are looking forward to future co-operation in the field of community media education.

For everyone, who wants to know a little more about the host station of Wüste Welle, here’s a short film on it’s activities in German language with english subtitles.


understanding media is a learning partnership with funding from Grundtvig, the general adult education programme of the European Union.