Media Freedom in Palestine? Apparently Not.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) reports that the Israeli government forces have shut down another radio in Palestine.

According to the MADA website:

"Ramallah-29/11/2015- early Sunday, 29th of November, IOF shut down the third Palestinian radio station (Dream) in Hebron city in West Bank within less than one month, after raiding its headquarter and destructing  its equipment and devices. However, this records a new peak of  the systematic trends of IOF to suppress Palestinian media freedoms and media outlets, especially since the Israeli threats to close up a number of  Palestinian radio stations.

Similarly, in 3rd and 21st of November, IOF shut down the radio stations of “Manbar Al-Houria” and “Sawt El-Khalil" (Hebron voice) after they raided their headquarters and confiscated the broadcasting devises and most of their equipment (both of them issued from Hebron gonvernate), for allegedly involved in “exercising incitement”. Hence, IOF handed both radio stations a decision to shut them down for a period of six months, which is also similar to what happened to Dream radio station today.

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” condemns the attack against Dream Radio, in addition to the previous attacks against Manbar Al-Houria and Sawt Al-Khalil radio stations. It also urges to force the Israeli occupation force to abide by International Laws that guarantee freedom of expression."