"Understanding Media" project seeks to promote media literacy in Europe

The media are a powerful force in today’s world. They profoundly influence the social, political, cultural and ecomomic directions of societies across the globe. Media literacy is the understanding of media – the “who” of ownership and power, the “why” of varying agendas,  and the “how” media affects our daily lives. RadioExpert recognizes the importance of media literacy, and continually participates in projects to promote the understanding of media by citizens. The “Understanding Media” project is funded by the European Union and seeks to examine the concept of Media Literacy in Europe.

We ask: how has media literacy been defined at European institutionals, academia and communities, and how it can be embedded in the content of the training curriculum being delivered by community media. We seek to promote better understanding of how to ‘read’ the media, and also how to ‘write’ more informative and balance content as to promote equality, pluralism and diversity, and to increase active citizenship actions through media. Phase II of the project is well underway, with the goal of building an online toolbox for any user anywhere to access media literacy tools.

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