Community Media Center in Richmond

Novice and advanced Virginia-based podcasters alike can now build their skills through the VPM + ICA Community Media Center, a free and public recording studio and workspace co-sponsored by Richmond’s VPM and the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University. 


The center aims to amplify the voices of local storytellers and make podcast creation more accessible for VCU students, Virginia community members and professional podcasters. Its director is Chioke I’Anson, perhaps best known as a voice of NPR’s underwriting credits.

Also an assistant professor at VCU, I’Anson pitched the idea to VPM early in 2019. As a professor and NPR employee, he said, he saw an opportunity to bring public media to the university level and to make skills for creating podcasts and other media more accessible.

“If we can expand the access to knowledge, then we can get more people making good media,” I’Anson said.

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