A Community Radio Thrives in Nepal - led by Women

Kapilvastu Community Radio has not only survived the effects of the pandemic, it has thrived - thanks to the generosity and innovation of the radio team and the community.

It's led by a group of enterprising and dedicated women. “There is this wrong notion in Nepali society that women cannot and are not capable of taking leadership positions. We have proven them wrong,” says Sona Khatik - station manager.

Within the first month of the lockdown, the radio station had produced three dozen jingles in four languages (Nepali, Tharu, Bhojpuri and Awadhi) that spread awareness about the coronavirus. The jingles were so effective, they soon got sponsors from local non-profit groups and even private companies. 

Khatik added: “We have shown that we have the entrepreneurial spirit and creative ability to be even more flexible in difficult times. It is more than luck that makes a company successful, especially during a crisis.”

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