“REC Europe” Meeting for Creative Understanding of Sound and Social Inclusion

RadioExpert, together with hosts Media Commun Occitanie and NGO's from around Europe, conducted a new project through the EU Erasmus+ Youth programme.

“REC Europe” seminar brought together social workers, trainers and activists to present their work and experiences within their communities and explored together the different forms, aspects and realities of new forms of art education.

This seminar combined theoretical and practical elements on sound for participation and social inclusion, attaching special value to group work. Theoretical inputs alternated with practical sessions in different areas of sound education, such as sound/music activities, connected with our different national uses of the methods.

The process created occasions for discussing the use of art as a methodology for participation and inclusion. Art education methods provide learning opportunities for personal and social competences, and are important tools for continued use in youth work.

You can listen to a podcast from the project here.