Radio Maryja: Source of Nationalism and Hate Speech?

Transitions Online reports that the Polish political party "True Europe Movement’" (RPE), says it aims to “rebuild Christian thought” in Europe. Journalists have dubbed it “Tadeusz Rydzyk’s party” – though the priest - owner and chief of Radio Maryja - denies any association with it.

His Polish media empire includes Radio Maryja, the TV Trwam station and the Nasz Dziennik daily newspaper. In addition, Radio Maryja has broadcast affiliates across Europe. These platforms, popular among conservative voters, regularly promote right-wing politicians and have been accused of amplifying homophobic and sexist perspectives.

According to Transitions Online, women's rights activists protested “hate speech emanating from” Radio Maryja – and “the way it gets involved in political and social matters.”

Agata Maciejewska from the Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Foundation, a Polish women’s rights organization, said that her group has been tracking “an increased activity of far-right tendencies in Poland and Europe.” She described it as “no secret that an ever-close integration of ultra-Catholic and nationalist organizations is taking place” and said “the increased intensity of preparations for the European Parliament elections” is “a tactical move.”